Diamonds Point to Ancient Global Cooling

2 01 2009

Th expression “say it with diamonds” was never meant to prove the hypothesis that a meteor may have been the cause of abrupt global cooling in North America 12,900 years ago. The theory that a meteor crashed into the earth as it was emerging from the ice-age, causing extinction of mammoths and other prehistoric mammals, and quite possibly humans, has long been discounted by many scientists. Lately, however, the discovery of microscopic diamonds in rocks are causing many to reconsider.

Examination of the diamond layer in the rocks not only correlates to the date of the meteor; it also  reveals a hexagonal structure that results from the extreme heat and pressure that only a meteor could produce, according to geologists. In addition, the  lack of evidence of any animal bones above the layer would seem to point to the occurrence coinciding with extinction.

Climatologists theorize that fresh water from a lake in Canada flooded into the North Atlantic, disrupting the currents that normally allowed colder water to sink, thus causing a very rapid cooling of the climate.

This climate change, known as the Younger Dryas event, is believed to have resulted in the extinction of many animal species, as well as the ancient Clovis culture of hunters and gatherers who were known to exist prior to this time period.

Scientists who disagree with the new findings insist that the lack of a crater and melted rocks disproves the meteor theory.

Read about this in the New York Times or the more detailed press release from the University of Oregon.




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2 01 2009
Terra incognita :: Nya teorier om Yngre Dryas :: January :: 2009

[…] NYT, UnearthedTees, […]

10 01 2009
Annette Piper

Fascinating – the world is full of mysteries we’ve only just started to uncover 🙂

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