Our First UnEarthedTees Give-Away

22 08 2008

Attention Rock Hounds and Geologists!  UnEarthedTees are having our first t-shirt give-away. The object: a swell retro-inspired Rock Hound Cafe (“And bring your apatite!”) white t-shirt, size large unisex:

Rock Hound T-Shirt

Rock Hound T-Shirt

Of course if you can’t wait for the give-away results, you can always buy one here. Or any of these other Rock Hound Cafe shirt styles (including sweats and women’s-only style) here.

So how to participate? Just submit a valid comment here with any of the following by September 26, 2008:

1. An original t-shirt design suggestion for us.

2. Share a cool geology-mineral-gem photo here of your own or that you have rights to. (Please link the image location.)

3. Share a comment, kudos or what you might like to see more of in our blog, or a friendly note about our shirt shop, UnEarthedTees.

** Be sure to include your email address which will be hidden to public view, so I can contact you if you are the winner.

Comments are moderated and are passed through an high-energy anti-spam power-ray so if you are not one of our usual nice readers or visitors, don’t even bother if you are thinking of spamming.

As for our usual nice readers and visitors, hope to hear from you! Let the games begin!




10 responses

23 08 2008
Callan Bentley

Here’s a woodcut I carved of a weirdo tyrannosaur. I think he could look good on a tee-shirt, maybe in rendered in pastel colors. His embryonic stressball look makes me think of pink, chartreuse, and lavender colors… But if you make a tee-shirt out of him, you can color him however you want!

24 08 2008
Mary Jenkins

I’d like to see maybe a cartoon hound with shovel in one hand, big gemstone in the other and a big slobbery smile! Kind of retro 60’s cartoonish..

27 08 2008
27 08 2008
Todd Kent

Looks like I may be a day late for the contest. Anyway, my suggestion would be to do a design that incorporates barite rose rocks.

27 08 2008

Not at all late! We have a whole month to go — pass it on!

31 08 2008
Steve in Boise

How about –
“Let’s Rock” maybe with that barite rose that was suggested or a cystal cluster.
“Is that a rock in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” With a pic of a quartz sceptor. (Too racey?)
“Digger” pic (rockhound with pick / shovel”) and
“I’m into rocks! – Can you dig it?”
“Caution! Rock Licker!”
Pic of rockhound licking a rock – and don’t tell me you’ve never done it.
Highway caution sign (yellow diamond)
“Watch for rocks”
“Caution – I brake for rocks”
“I’m synclined to love rockhounds”
“Old rockhounds never die, they just slowly petrify”
Pic of rock hound with a boulder
“Why didn’t I just collect stamps?”

1 09 2008

How about a shirt that looks like the Budweiser logo and have it say “Morrisonite the King of Jaspers”

17 09 2008
john sands

how bout a scared rock running and at the bottom NO ROCK IS SAFE haha

21 09 2008
Jim Doss

Here’s a shot of a bismuth xl. there is more on my flickr site.

29 10 2008

Just wanted to know who won the contest?


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