How to Help Myanmar Cyclone Victims

6 05 2008

I don’t usually post about meteorology but the devastation in Myanmar is severe enough to warrant this post. At this time, many relief agencies are not allowed entry into the country by the Myanmar military government; while it is hoped that will change, for now UNICEF and Red Cross have access

  • Donate here to support UNICEF’s emergency response efforts for children in Myanmar.


NEW YORK, May 5, 2008:  A category-3 cyclone struck the southeast Asian nation of Myanmar on Friday, devastating the coastline and urban centers. After making landfall in the Irrawaddy delta region, the storm tracked inland, directly hitting the capital Yangon late the same night.

Thousands are reported dead, and the number of survivors in need of assistance will number in the hundreds of thousands. This is the largest natural disaster to hit the region since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

UNICEF is one of the few humanitarian organizations that has a permanent presence in Myanmar, and emergency assistance is already underway. Today, UNICEF has deployed five teams to the worst affected regions of Myanmar to get an accurate assessment of survivors’ immediate needs.

UNICEF and WHO both have field officers positioned throughout the country to ensure that assistance reaches those children and women for whom it is intended. Emergency medicine, nutrition, shelter, child protection and reunification efforts are already underway.
Limited information

Detailed information on the impact of the cyclone has not been available due to downed communications and blocked roads. Information on the situation outside Yangon is even more limited. What we do know is that many villages in the hardest hit areas have been completely flattened.

The cyclone caused widespread devastation in Yangon. Winds of over 120 mph tore down trees and power lines, while accompanying rain caused flooding in many areas. Telecommunications lines were cut. Buildings have been badly damaged throughout the city, and it expected that significant numbers have been left without adequate shelter.

Electricity is not likely to be restored for several days. Water supplies will also be a major problem. Many roads remain impassable, either due to flooding or fallen debris and the airport has been closed until further notice.

“The confirmed number is 3,934 dead, 41 injured and 2,879 missing within the Yangon and Irrawaddy divisions,” according to a recent government broadcast. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of people have, in fact, been rendered homeless and food and water are reported to be running short.

Urgent needs are expected to be plastic sheeting, water purification tablets, cooking sets, mosquito nets, emergency health kits and food. Fuel shortages have also already been reported. Determining the impact in areas outside Yangon has been even more difficult, though it can be assumed to be critical, with shelter and safe water being the principal immediate needs.

DONATE HERE to UNICEF to help victims of the Myanmar cyclone.




One response

16 05 2008

Another way to donate to UNICEF is by doing all your typical shopping through the website:

Just choose UNICEF as the nonprofit group you want to give to and then shop the “mall”. It’s an easy way to give with out having to spend any extra money then usual.

Hope this helps everyone be able to support UNICEF and Myanmar.

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