Geo-Pict: Cubical Pyrite

31 01 2008

Cubical Pyrite

I thought this was so interesting — cubical pyrite, exemplar on its rock mother with an antiquity of 120 million years, coming fron Navajun (La Rioja, Spain), by Jesús Manuel Nieto Bobadilla of Alicante, Spain.


Llaima Volcano Erupts

4 01 2008

The Llaima volcano in southern Chile erupted on Tuesday, spewing lava and ash, and forcing the evacuation of about 150 people, officials said. A column of smoke rose more than 9,300 feet into the sky and television images showed thick smoke and lava emerging from Llaima, one of the most active of the dozens of volcanos in Chile. Emergency bureau director Carmen Fernandez said 150 tourists and National Forest Service employees were evacuated from the Conguillio National Park where the volcano is located, 400 miles south of Santiago. If necessary, residents could also be evacuated from Melipeuco, a town of at least 5,000 located 8 miles from the volcano, officials said.

Bureau officials and volcanologists were flying over the volcano to monitor the situation. The 9,400-foot volcano last erupted in May.

See video of the eruption of Jan 1.

Credit: International Volcano Research Centre