Rockin’ Rocks for Your Rockin’ Stockin’

11 12 2007

An interesting interplay of iPods and rocks.

First, rock lovers might put this on their holiday shopping list — yes, iPod rock docks. Called  i-Stones, they are available from Brand Incubator and have USB 2.0 and audio/video outputs.

However, the site, which is in Japanese, says that each one is custom made and that you need to email the artist here, so it seems that obtaining them would be no small task or expense.  And this is probably the only case where it makes more sense to have a Japan studies specialist writing this blog rather than a geologist 😀

In another case involving iPods and rocks, a teen who thought she bought an iPod from Target opened the package to find that it contained rocks instead. When Target employees investigated they found other packages with rock subsituted for iPods. It’s not geology, but the tie-in was to the iPod rock docks was too tempting.

You can read the story here.

Check your local lapidary! They might have iPods!




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