Livingstones, I Presume?

2 08 2007

Giant pillows and free-form “furniture” that looks like boulders and rocks! By Smarins, France, at More photos and info here.

livingstones rock pillows

Livingstones lounge




6 responses

2 08 2007
Miguel Vera

Where do you find all this anyway? I want that living room!

2 08 2007

It finds me! 😀

18 01 2009
Freeform “Rocks” « UnEarthedTees’ Geology News

[…] time ago we posted about Livingstones cushion-furniture which is uber-cool but hard to come by in the […]

19 02 2009

these are so cool!

19 02 2009

Cool but apparently hard to find. We posted a similar item here:

23 02 2009
Livingstones, sort of a minimalist Flintstones | Ouno Design

[…] This is the one kind of pillow you actually can’t have too many of. The pillow rocks, called Livingstones, are by Smarin, a French design company named for designer Stephanie Marin. Via unearthedtees. […]

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