UnEarthed Now Offers Books

29 08 2007

We are really pleased to announce that we’ve added a section in our shop for books, texts and guides on geology, minerals, earth science, micropaleontology, lapidary and more! They range from the academic to professional to rock collectors guides, to just plain fun, and even some activity kits for kids.

The books are actually sold from other merchants, not us — we just find them, display and link to them, so that it’s easier for visitors to check them out all in one place. Stock changes constantly.


Check out the new book section here!


Geo Pict of the Day

27 08 2007

Earth as Art: Cloud formations over the western Aleutian Islands.

Download a printable poster TIFF file

More Shirts to Help Peru

26 08 2007

More people are pledging to donate to Peru relief through their t-shirts and the UnEarthing Kindness initiative. Today’s Good Shirt of the Day is from the InaMar shop. 30% of the arresting and edgy design on the left, and 100% of the one on the right, will be donated. Check out their other shirts to help Peru, and check the initiative page for new designs and updates.

Geologist Penguin Shirts

22 08 2007

I am just loving this wonderful design by JGoode that will benefit the people of Peru as part of the UnEarthing Kindness initiative: the geologist (or rock hound or paleontologist) penguin. Too clever!

Available on t-shirts for adults and future young geo-scientists, as well as hoodies, buttons, journals and many more gift items. The penguin gives 50% of profits to Global Giving to help the earthquake victims in Peru!

geology penguin

Click the penguin to see him/her on shirts and more.

Geology T-Shirts to Help Peru

21 08 2007

The UnEarthing Kindness initiative page is up and we have our very first wonderful design submissions!

Below, one of the JGoode’s wonderful penguins — this one an “I Love Peru” penguin — and a rockin’ ammonite fossil from Cassie Schilliger to make the mouth of any paleontologist or geo-scientist water.

I love Peru penguin ammonite fossil t-shirt

50% of the penguin’s profits will go to Global Giving, and 100% from the fossil will go to aid Oxfam.  Awesome! We’re are so grateful to have their participation in the initiative.

More to come!

‘UnEarthing Kindness’ Grassroots Initiative Pledges Aid to Peru Quake Victims

19 08 2007

unearthing kindndess logo to help peru earthquake


‘UnEarthing Kindness’ Grassroots Initiative Pledges Aid to Peru Quake Victims

Geology Web Shop Issues Challenge to Fellow Small Businesses to Assist Relief Efforts

Los Angeles – August 19, 2007 ­– The major earthquake that devastated Peru on Wednesday, leaving countless people homeless, has prompted a small online business to action in the hope that others will follow suit. UnEarthedTees, a web shop that specializes in geology-themed t-shirts and gifts, is pledging to donate 20% of all profits through the end of September toward relief efforts in Peru through a new grassroots initiative called “UnEarthing Kindness.”

“Although UnEarthedTees is usually all about the lighter side of geology, we know of course that in the real world the effects of earthquakes, volcanoes and similar phenomena take a serious toll on human life. We want to help alleviate, in whatever way we can, the suffering the recent earthquakes have caused in Peru,” said Jean Roth, the founder of UnEarthedTees. Donations from the UnEarthedTees website will be made to Oxfam America.

The August 15 quake, which measured 8.0 on the Richter scale and lasted nearly two minutes, resulted in over 500 deaths. In a country where 49% of the population lives below the poverty line, structures are flimsy and often made of mud brick. The impact left thousands without homes, and entire villages collapsed in impoverished areas along the coast.

UnEarthedTees, which is powered by the California print-on-demand company CafePress, has also issued a challenge to their online colleagues.

“We are asking that other businesses become part of the UnEarthing Kindness initiative, and make a similar pledge to donate what they can toward the relief agencies of their choice,” said Roth. “We will be listing participants on the UnEarthedTees site, and will feature prominently products focusing on earth science and geology themes.

“Many of us are small but I have seen in the past what happens when the generous souls in the independent business community band together to help. Together we can make an impact to help the people of Peru.”

About UnEarthedTees

Established in 2005, UnEarthedTees made a splash in the geology and rock-hounding world with its humorous earth science themes and clever graphic design. UnEarthedTees has donated to the Geological Society of America Foundation and the Bristol Gem and Mineral Club and has been featured in Bleech Magazine. To learn more, visit http://www.unearthedtees.com.

Oxfam America, a privately funded organization that works to end global poverty, has received the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating for charitable organizations. Oxfam has been onsite in Peru assessing damage and working on relief in rural areas since the first quake on Wednesday. Donations directly to Oxfam may be made at https://donate.oxfamamerica.org/02/peru_earthquake.

Contact: Jean Roth, UnEarthedTees, jroth AT unearthedtees.com


Less of the Scary Geology, Please

17 08 2007

An overwhelming day, geologically speaking. Front and center, of course, is the horrific 8.0 earthquake in Peru that killed over 500 people. Fellow geo-blogger Miguel Vera posted in depth about it from Lima, Peru, in Spanish and included some YouTube videos. For Anglophones, an excellent article in the New York Times explains the movment of the Nazca plate which causes the strong earthquakes in this beleagured part of the world. I won’t comment more on this event, because there are so many new stories and you’ve probably read all about it.

Following the Peru earthquake, a small tsunami hit Japan., causing vacationers to evacuate beaches. There were also two very deep earthquakes in the waters off Indonesia early today but they did not result in a tsunami warning.

Pvlof VolcanoMeanwhile, Pavlof Volcano (at left) in Alaska started erupting yesterdayand is currently on orange alert. According to the Seattle Times, satellite images of the volcano taken Thursday showed strong thermal readings, consistent with what the Alaska Volcano Observatory is calling a “vigorous eruption of lava.” Lava flows that melt the snow on the top of the volcano can cause mudslides, that may in turn trigger seismic activity.

(This past weekend, Ethopia’s live volcano, Mount Erta, in the northeatern partof the country, erupted, causing villagers to flee its lava flow.)

Today’s 3.5 jolt in L.A. was nothing, really. Just a bump.