Geo-Pict of the Day: Amethyst Calcite

13 04 2007

Amethyst Calcite

Amethyst Calcite from Brazil.
Click on the image to see a close-up of this beautiful mineral, and from there you can see the interactive video, where you can spin it around and zoom in!

Courtesy of Wilensky Fine Minerals.
Thank you, Stuart and Donna!




One response

18 04 2007
Barbara Burns

This is a gorgeous specimen …. excellent photograph too! The Houston Museum of Natural Science has an entire room devoted to gems and minerals. It is one of my favorite exhibits to go and see … I can (and have) spend hours looking at all the rocks. The displays are well done so if you are ever in Houston, be sure to go see them.

I love rocks and have collected rocks off the ground from here & there in Iowa as well as Texas and anywhere else I have visited and I’ve bought small rocks at gem / mineral shows for years … I like the looks of them as well the energy that emanates from them.

Every rock is as unique as people are … they make lovely jewelry but they are great paperweights for desks and lovely window decorations for window sills also.

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